Color adds rich­ness to life; if you dis­crim­i­nate you take away from your own spec­trum.”


Thoughts and dreams make a man his own; his life belongs with the needs and wants of his desire.”


Real­ity is a self actu­al­ized per­spec­tive, if not, you are not your own per­son.”


Natures seren­ity makes no demands.”


Do we pro­tect out of fear or is it fear that pro­tects.”


I would rather peo­ple hate me for who I am, than love me as some­one that I am not.”


I can­not change the world but I can cer­tainly give it some­thing to think about.”


As a child, I was edu­cated to believe that I was liv­ing in a devel­oped soci­ety. This I did not see. As my con­scious­ness devel­oped, I began to rec­og­nize the dys­func­tion of a world peo­ple call or think civ­i­lized.”




I say fuck you, fuck you, fuck you,
Real­ize your death
Real­ize your life
Judge me not
I have worth
I have right
For­get not thy soul
Grow in strength
Grow in pain
We are lim­it­less
I may be wrong
I may be right
But then it is my life.